How many trees can we plant in 365 days?

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Our Mission

Life conserved through a planet reforested

Our Vision

A thriving planet for all life and future generations

The climate crisis is happening now! We must move from conversation to action, and everyone must play their part to prevent further loss of life and biodiversity.

Trees are one of nature’s most vital resources – converting CO2 to oxygen – we literally couldn’t live without them.

But deforestation is still happening – as are wildfires caused by climate-driven extreme weather events.

TREESERVE 365 aims to empower and challenge people to get active – to plant as many trees as possible in their local communities, whilst mirroring their efforts in the developing countries of the southern hemisphere.

Our 365-day tree planting challenge begins on Friday 25th March 2023. 

The Challenge runs for 365 days from 25th March 2023.

How many trees does our planet need to help reverse current trends of global warming?

How many trees can we plant in 365 days?

Just one element like wildfires caused by extreme weather events are destroying tens of thousands of trees each and every year.

Let’s set a target to plant

So, no time to waste – we’d better get planting!!!

Join us and get your hands dirty!.

In a positive way!

Plant as Many Trees as you can

And mirror your efforts by ensuring that trees are planted in a developing country in the southern hemisphere too – because we know that people in the southern hemisphere will bear the brunt of climate change – planting trees in these regions will help.

Plant Responsibly

Plant the right trees, in the right place, at the right time.

Educate Yourself  

Chances are you are not going to have all the answers from the get-go. We’ll share resources and hope that you will too.

Educate and Inspire Others

We want everyone to appreciate the benefits and get excited about planting trees!

Connect with Nature

Get outdoors, handle the earth, experience the elements and nature first-hand. It’s very, very good for your health and wellbeing. Make sure you’re dressed for the weather!

Connect with Others

It’s highly unlikely you’ll be able to plant a tree without someone else being involved – enjoy the new friends that you will make along the way.

Connect with Self

Take the opportunity to get away from everyday distractions and cherish some time simply being part of nature.

Join The Challenge

We all have different things to contribute from time, knowledge, skills, resources, connections and even land!!

We’ll be displaying a tally of trees planted on our website – the where, the who, and the how many.

We’ll be holding monthly, online workshops on Zoom – so you can make connections, share resources, stories, challenges, opportunities and successes.

Resources will be available on this website and on our social media channels.

Our private Facebook page provides another place to connect, ask questions, find information and receive updates.

And we’ll keep people informed through a monthly newsletter.

To find out more and to join us in
THE CHALLENGE, send us your details.

The Challenge Organisers

Rachael Carley

Rachael is a Performance Coach, NLP Practitioner and outdoor leader who has been working in development training for many years supporting a wide spectrum of people from young children to corporate leaders. She started out as an outdoor instructor – running personal and professional development courses incorporating team and leadership training, for national and international organisations such as Outward Bound and UK inner-city youth charity, Fairbridge.

In her early thirties she co-founded an award-winning charity that utilised music and the creative arts as a medium for youth and community development which she ran for sixteen years. She now runs B Corp pending company, Carley Coaching which helps leaders and teams to improve health, wellbeing, performance, and sustainability through coaching and outdoor experiences, and Lead Inspire – sustainability services for SME businesses. She is a member of Climate Coaching Alliance.

Amel Sedaoui

Amel Sedaoui is a coach, Leadership development and Transformation facilitator. She is particularly passionate about cultivating the conditions for profound and sustainable change by building innovative approaches to make organizations and teams more reliable and resilient to navigate these uncertain and volatile times.

She strives to be an active agent of the ongoing social and organizational transformations toward building ecosystems and managing ecological and climate changes emergency. She is an active member of Climate Coaching Alliance helping coordinate CCA activities.

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