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Harmony in Growth: Applying Permaculture Principles to Planting Trees, Coaching, and Life


We are delighted to share highlights from our recent event on 25 June, where we had the pleasure of hosting esteemed guests Andra Morosi and Sonia Da Veiga. The engaging conversation revolved around permaculture and its profound impact on tree planting, as well as our lives and coaching practices. Here are the key takeaways:
1. Permaculture in a nutshell:
Permaculture is a holistic approach to sustainable living that emphasises resilience, diversity and regenerative practices. It involves observing and imitating nature, maximising beneficial connections and designing systems that harmonise with the natural environment.
2. Practical tips for applying permaculture to tree and seed planting:
Our guests shared invaluable insights into applying permaculture principles to tree planting, seed growing and vegetable gardens. They emphasised connecting with the earth, promoting biodiversity and fostering community. Key takeaways included
– Water management: Collecting and using rainwater
– Composting: Utilising available resources
– Strategic tree planting: Planning for long-term growth
– Caring for the land and respecting the ecosystem

3. The impact of permaculture on all areas of life, especially as a coach:
Permaculture goes beyond gardening and can be integrated into coaching practice. Coaches can foster transformative growth, resilience and sustainable relationships with clients by embracing the permaculture principles of observation, adaptability and interconnectedness.

4. Be a humble part of the ecosystem:
Recognising our interconnectedness with nature and embracing humility fosters responsibility, mindfulness and stewardship. By adopting a humble approach, we contribute positively to the ecological balance and work towards a sustainable future.

We hope that these insights inspire you to explore permaculture further and apply its principles in your daily life. Remember, every small action towards sustainability has the potential for a significant positive impact.

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