TREESERVE 365 Newsletter #1

Welcome to the very first TREESERVE 365 newsletter!

Thank you for joining us for this challenge – to plant as many trees as we can in 365 days!

We launched our project on Earth Day, 25th March 2023, at the Climate Coaching Alliance’s Global Fringe Festival.

We were delighted to be joined by Prachi Shevgaonkar – Founder of the Cool the Globe App; Rituraj Phukan -Writer, Adventurer, Naturalist, and Founder of Indigenous People’s Climate Justice Forum; and Prof A.R. Gatrad – Founder of World Against Single Use Plastic (WASUP) to launch TREESERVE 365.

Prachi, Rituraj and Prof Gatrad inspired us through their personal stories of how they created globally successful projects that are helping to address the challenges of the climate crisis. 

They spoke about the importance of leading by example and how initial small steps eventually led to more and more people joining them to take action. 

Over time, their impact grew, and their ideas became movements that continue to grow.

We hope that TREESERVE 365 will follow a similar course!

We believe it’s possible to plant one million trees in 365 days – but we know this is ambitious, and we will need a lot of help and support to do this – so please help us spread the word and invite your friends, families, colleagues and clients to get involved.

The challenge is open to all, and we aim to gather resources to help people feel empowered to plant the right trees, in the right place, at the right time – and make sure they thrive!

The TREESERVE 365 challenge involves planting trees in our local communities whilst mirroring our efforts in developing countries in the southern hemisphere.

We expect to learn a great deal over the next year – about conservation, biodiversity, and how the climate crisis is affecting people and the planet in other parts of the world.

And we hope that TREESERVE 365 will foster many partnerships and collaborations as people take time to connect with nature, their local communities, and people from around the globe.

What are the next steps and what will we need?

To make this project a success, we are going to need land, trees, connections, information, funds, tools, people and more – all over the world!

Please come along to the first of our monthly meetings on Zoom

on Tuesday, 25th April 2023, at 8 am GMT

to find out more;
share your ideas,
offer support, expertise, contacts, resources;
meet others who will be doing the same;
and learn about the various ways you can get involved.

To register to join our first meeting, go to:

Or join our mailing list by registering on our website:, where you can also find links to our social media channels.

We’re excited about all there is to learn in the days and months ahead, and the impact that we can collectively have by planting trees around the globe.

So, here’s to strong backs and dirty hands!

From Rachael, Amel, and the TREESERVE 365 team. 🌱🌍😁

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