TREESERVE 365 Newsletter #6

December 2023

Together, let’s contribute to our planet’s conservation through tree planting!

✨ Greetings, Tree Lovers! 

As the holiday sparkle still fills the air, we are delighted to present a special edition of the Treeserve365 Community Newsletter, with the latest happenings within our community and discover updates that resonate with our collective mission! We hope your read will be an enjoyable journey filled with insights and shared purpose 🌟 🌳

Before you dive in, Happy New Year 2024! may it bring you renewed hope, joy, and countless growth opportunities. Best wishes to you and your loved ones, for a joyous holiday season and a happy, healthy, and eco-conscious New Year! 🦋✨

Treeserve365 Updates!

Coaching with Reciprocity and Community- Treeserve365 community monthly meeting

We had the privilege to be joined by Hazel Farrer as a guest speaker during the November monthly Treeserve365 event dedicated to #connection, to understand natural principles and coaching techniques through the language of trees, how they interact, communicate and manage their energy. The conversation with Hazel yielded valuable insights into the multifaceted role of trees in coaching and environmental awareness. Here are some key learnings and takeaways from the session:

1. Diverse Approaches to Coaching with Trees:
• Trees can be used in various coaching approaches, such as serving as a backdrop for sessions, direct communication, and nature walks.
• Nature-based mindfulness courses and children’s stories incorporating trees are effective tools.

2. Human Impact on Trees and the Environment:
• Acknowledges the impact of human actions on trees and emphasizes the importance of treating trees with respect, and understanding their role as a habitat.

3. Tree Communication:
• Trees use scent, electrical impulses, and chemical signals to communicate and protect themselves from threats such as animals and insects.
• Spending time with trees is crucial to comprehend and respond to their communication.
• Emphasizes the communication and connection between trees.

4. Importance of Mycelium Networks:
• Mycelium networks in forests facilitate communication and nutrient-sharing. The network also acts as an information system, passing on information about insects, water, drought, and other forest conditions.
• This interconnectedness is essential for the survival of trees and the forest ecosystem as a whole.
• Which highlights the significance of community and symbiotic relationships in forests for survival.

5. Importance of Family and Community in Forests:
• Monoculture forests are not natural; trees thrive in a community with each tree having a role.
• Enriching the soil with fungi is discussed, emphasizing the right choice of fungi for the land.

6. Social Intelligence of Trees:
• Trees exhibit social intelligence by forming beneficial friendships, recognizing family, and caring for their seedlings.
• Communication through roots and the mutual exchange of nutrients and water is essential.
• Trees also pay tax to fungi, which in return filter unwanted elements and conduct the transfer of carbon and nutrients.

7. Breath and Connection with Nature:
• Emphasizes the interconnectedness of lives and the exchange of breath between humans and trees.
• Advocates practising the Aloha breath to connect with nature and contribute positively to the environment.

8. Coaching with trees for Inner Balance
• Coaching with trees aids in achieving inner balance by exploring the role of trees in maintaining balance and resilience
• Lessons from trees include managing energy, growth rate, weight, and strengthening support systems.

9. Coaching Process with Trees:
• Recommends starting coaching with one tree, using the senses to connect with it, and exploring what resonates with the individual.
• The coaching process involves exploring the tree’s meaning, reading about it, and even tasting its leaves.
• Exploring different coaching techniques using trees as metaphors to facilitate personal growth and self-reflection.
• Lessons from trees include insights on infestations, boundaries, and using the senses.

Overall, the session illuminated the rich metaphorical potential of trees in coaching, and offering profound lessons on balance, resilience, and personal growth. We hope you will be inspired to use these insights in your personal or professional life.

COP28: Unpacking climate actions for our forests

As many climate-conscious people worldwide, we have been following COP28 and wondering what the impact would be on forestation and nature conservation.

The outcomes of COP28 underscore a global commitment to robust forest and climate action. World leaders reiterated their dedication to achieving 2030 national and international forest targets, emphasizing the need to halt and reverse forest loss while fostering sustainable development. Innovative partnerships, led by rainforest countries, were launched to scale investments in forest protection and sustainable land use, with a focus on securing funding crucial for meeting the 1.5 degrees Celsius target of the Paris Agreement.

Updates from world leaders showcased progress towards the 2030 forest goals, highlighting a high-level commitment to conserving and restoring forests, which have historically been underfunded in climate action. Additionally, various countries announced ambitious initiatives aligned with the 2030 forest goals, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s “People, Forests and Nature” initiative and Ghana’s Resilient Ghana Package. Financial commitments from the UK, France, and Norway further reinforced global support for forest protection efforts. Collaborative efforts, such as the Roadmap for Scaling Investment in Forest Carbon Results and Credits, signify a collective push towards increased financial flows for genuine environmental benefits.

Overall, these outcomes reflect significant progress and financial commitments, demonstrating a shared dedication to achieving crucial forest-related goals on a global scale.

Click here to read more on the topic.

What’s next? Stay tuned for more exciting events with Treeserve365!

Treeserve365 January 2024 Monthly event: Insights into how Kent County Council are planting over 50,000 trees and planning to increase canopy cover by 2% with a tiny budget and a team of two people.

Our first Treeserve365 event in 2024 will feature Lyndsay Wayman-Rook, Plan Tree Partnership Officer at Kent County Council. She heads up the team responsible for helping Kent increase its canopy cover by planting 50,000 trees in as many community-based settings as possible. The ambition is for most of the trees to be planted in non-woodland areas such as school playing fields, parks, farms, and hospital car parks – areas impacted by disease, habitat degradation or ageing tree stock.

Lyndsay works with a small team and a range of partners and volunteers to realize Kent County Council’s target. We look forward to hearing more about this project that will impact the lives of over 1.5 million residents and visitors to the county known as the Garden of England.

Click here to register:

Or via Eventbrite:

🌳✨ Unwrap the Green Fun: Let’s Make 2024 the Year of Tree-mendous Achievements! 🌱🎉

Now that the Christmas shopping craze has settled, it’s that awesome time of year when we reflect on our wins in 2023 and gear up with new goals for 2024. 🌟 

How about adding a twist this year? Let’s reflect on our planet-saving game! Instead of the usual gift exchange, what if you ask your buddies to plant a tree in your name instead of grabbing another pair of shoes (because who needs another pair, right?) – and you can do the same for them! 🌳 

Or, picture this: hosting a laid-back, family-friendly tree-planting shindig where everyone gets their hands dirty planting trees together. Make it unforgettable with snacks, drinks, and a dash of eco-education. 🌱 

Got more cool ideas? Share the green love on our Treeserve365 socials! Let’s make 2024 the year of making a real difference. 🌍✨ #GreenGoals #TreeParty #SustainableCelebrations”

Every little step counts…

Remember that any tree-planting action is acceptable! Whether you plant trees independently, as part of a group, or in partnership with professional organizations – with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, clients etc. It all counts!

We know that we inspire others through our actions so please share your stories with us. We’ll keep a collective tally and share your story to inspire others.

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Until next time, here’s to strong backs and dirty hands! 

From Amel, Rachael, and the TREESERVE 365 team. 🌱🌍😁

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